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Homeownership is the cornerstone of wealth creation in the United States. That’s why we work with partners to develop more housing that’s more affordable and in more places. Are you interested in being a real estate development partner? Get in touch with us today to find out more.


Through our partners at GROWTH, Community Development Fund investments have contributed to:


Markets Served

Invested In Communities

New Homes Built or Rehabbed


Of these projects have benefited LMI buyers and communities

Home Sold



Our business loan with NCRC CDF has allowed us to take our business to the next level as we entered into the second half of the year. Before meeting the wonderful folks at NCRC CDF, we struggled to get a financial institution to take a risk on a small business. Some wouldn’t even take our calls. We are truly grateful for NCRC CDF for having faith in us and offering us a loan that we could manage at an incredible interest rate. We have since used the money to get a head start on Search Optimization, paid advertisement, expansion into other social media avenues as well as bringing on additional team members, part time. We at Thomas & Wynter R&D truly appreciate it. Thank you.

– Sherika Wynter, Co-Founder & Managing Partner, Thomas & Wynter R&D LLC

Thank you so very much for assisting me with the PPP. While a very small amount of funding is enough to take my business to the next level, I’ve literally been in a holding zone for about 60 days waiting for something to break. Thank God for NCRC. Where other banks ignored me and placed additional restrictions, NCRC made it simple. I will be sure to make others aware of the PPP through NCRC. Again, thank you and the entire NCRC team that helped to make this happen!

– Racquel, Business Owner

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