We are the
NCRC Community
Development Fund
Our mission is to support economic mobility and bridge the racial wealth gap.
what we do
Building Wealth &
Reducing Poverty
We work with community partners nationally to build wealth and reduce poverty and unemployment in low-and moderate-income (LMI) neighborhoods or for LMI beneficiaries. We accomplish this by providing loan capital that expands access to affordable homeownership and helps Black-, Hispanic- and woman-owned businesses thrive.
Funding for Good
What is a CDFI?

A community development financial institution (CDFI) fund can be structured as various types of institutions such as banks, credit unions, loan funds, microloan funds, or venture capital providers. All CDFIs strive to foster economic opportunity and revitalize neighborhoods; as a loan fund, the NCRC Community Development Fund lends to build businesses, affordable housing, and community facilities.

For more information on CDFIs, how they began, and what they can do, visit the U.S. Department of the Treasury
Small Business Lending
Helping Entrepreneurs and Communities Thrive Through Business Investment
Our small business loans are extensions of credit to entrepreneurs in communities of historic disinvestment – financing activities such as working capital, inventory, machinery and equipment, and real estate.
Affordable Development
Bringing Affordable
Homeownership to
Diverse Communities

The Opportunity Gap

In recent years, homeownership rates, college education, and wealth accumulation have surged for white Americans while non-white Americans have watched their opportunity gap widen. Today, that gap is the widest it’s been in decades.

Homeownership Rate Comparisons

Despite accounting for more than 31.8% of American homeownership growth over the past decade, Latinos still have a homeownership rate 27% lower than white Americans. As of 2020, the Black homeownership rate is 30% lower by comparison, is currently lower overall than it was pre-Great Recession, and has declined to nearly as low as it was in the 1960s when discrimination was legal.

Our Solution to Bridge the Divide

This is why the Community Development Fund is dedicated to making the dream of homeownership a reality for more Americans. At a time when racial and ethnic minorities account for all population growth in the United States but are overrepresented in low-and-middle-income populations, affordable homeownership can help to bridge our nation’s racial and economic divides.
Real Estate & Affordable Housing
More than a decade ago, Black and Latino families were hit the hardest by the Great Recession – and its effects are still felt today, with Black and Latino homeownership rates 31 and 27 percent lower, respectively, than white homeownership rates. Today, in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic that again hit Black and Latino Americans hardest, it’s more important than ever to address housing costs and wealth building for these communities – which is why we work with our partners at GROWTH to build affordable single-family homes across the country.
The Community Development Fund has created a fund of nearly $100 million to invest in and support LMI homeowners and neighborhoods across the country. Soon, we will be launching a down payment assistance program that expands the reach and impact of these efforts.
Our Partners &
Our mission is to support economic mobility and bridge our nation’s racial wealth gap — and we can’t do that alone. That’s why part of the Community Development Fund’s business model is working with institutional partners and investors who share our vision. We are pleased to work closely with the following organizations:
A look at our work, by the numbers
Our Impact

During the COVID-19 pandemic, which hit LMI communities hardest, the Community Development Fund helped small business owners and “gig economy” workers keep their businesses and dreams afloat by facilitating:
Our Total Investment

Total loan volume


Loans given to Latino-, Black-, immigrant-, or woman-owned businesses


Median Loan Size

The Community Development Fund works closely with our
partners at GROWTH, whose impact includes:
Our Total Investment

Invested in communities


New Homes Built or Rehabbed


Homes sold have benefitted LMI borrowers and communities


During the COVID-19 pandemic, the Community Development Fund has invested more than $16 million in small businesses, in addition to nearly a half million dollars in PPP loans

Entrepreneurs Helped
Through our direct efforts and with our partners at the
woman-owned impact investment management firm
Equivico, we have supported:

Small businesses through $1.3 million in grants


States Across the Country

Professional Affiliations

The Community Development Fund is proud to be recognized by and involved with numerous industry organizations.

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